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What problems does EVB23309E solve? 

Sun can cause paint to fail, causing chalking and fading. Salt air can corrode metal causing rust and ugly corrosion. Acid rain can cause permanent damage. EVB23309E Protective Coating can refinish faded and dull surfaces to look like new again and protect them against sun fading, salt air corrosion, acid rain, tarnishing, moisture and other damaging elements for years. Protected surfaces will be much easier to keep clean as dust and dirt cannot penetrate the paint or hang on the oxidation. Graffiti can be cleaned off of the protected surface and the paint will remain protected. EVB23309E can prevent tarnish and oxidation. The surface must be deep cleaned first with ERW-PW removing all traces of contaminants and residues and then EVB23309E can be applied to seal the surface. 

How often does EVB23309E need to be reapplied? 

The numbers of years of protection vary by the intensity of the damaging elements and use of the surface. EVB23309E does not need to be stripped to be reapplied. Simply clean the surface and reapply. EVB23309E is self-annealing and will bond to itself to create a whole new, one part envelope of protection. 

Why not just paint aluminium windows and doors?

In many cases, metal surfaces are repainted simply because they have become dull and faded. Refinishing with EVB23309E Protective Coating is less expensive, faster, easier, and achieves more permanent results than repainting.

Just repainting coated aluminium cannot protect against salt air corrosion.

Repainted surfaces will fade faster than baked on paint, and may crack, peel, blister, chip and ruin the look of your property. Unless it is absolutely necessary to paint, it is much better to refinish your baked-on finish. If the surfaces are already repainted, you can now seal them with EVB23309E Protective Coating preventing moisture and sun damage.

Are there problem situations that EVB23309E cannot help?

EVB23309E cannot help if the surface is already too damaged to be restored. For example, once salt air oxidation is so bad that the metal is extremely pitted or rusted, or if there is no paint left on the surface. Peeling paint must be repaired prior to being coated with EVB23309E protective coating. It is best to protect property prior to extreme damage. EVB23309E will prevent acid rain damage but nothing can fix it once the surface is etched and stained.

Should I apply EVB23309E when my aluminium windows or doors are new? 

Most new metal buildings or doors are coated with a polyester coating which will usually burn off in 2 to 3 years. Applying EVB23309E protective coating as soon as possible will ensure that your building's exterior finish will be protected and virtually maintenance free for the next 10 years. Keeping your building and business look sharp year after year.

Fact File

  • EVB23309E Developed in the late 1980's and has more than 5 times out lived its guarantee period.
  • EVB23309E Protective Coating is a unique, crystal clear coating that is very user friendly and easy to apply. It is a homogenous, one part coating so there is nothing to mix and the coating will not separate.
  • EVB23309E is suitable for internal, external or submersed use as a non-toxic, anti-corrosion protection for anodized and painted surfaces. It can also be used on concrete, stone, wood and fibreglass
  • EVB23309E is a nonconductive coating and will prevent corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.
  • EVB23309E will remain flexible so it will not chip, crack or peel. It will not discolour or yellow with exposure or heat.
  • EVB23309E will refinish faded surfaces and restore the original colour and protect from sun fading, salt air oxidation, moisture damage, tarnish, acid rain and other damaging elements.
  • EVB23309E Like all our coatings is self-annealing, will blend to itself and can be maintained indefinite  

Our Unique Process

  • Requires no masking off or rubbing down
  • Restores the original baked finish
  • Offers long term U.V protection
  • Works completed in less than half the time to paint
  • Guaranteed not to crack, peel, discolour or re-fade
  • Longer lasting than re-painting
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